Nothing makes me quite as happy as venturing out into the Devon countryside with some of my favourite girls for some quality ‘time out’.

That fresh Devon air really is something else. When you match it up with the sound of a flowing river, delicious healthy picnic treats, some of your oldest school friends (plus their children!) and simple nostalgic games you’re onto a winner.

I’m heading into my late twenties now, and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier and more content with how I feel about myself and appreciate how lucky I am with my personal life. This being said, it is becoming more and more difficult to find that essential free time for those little adventures out with different groups of friends.

Sarah, Lizzie and I have been friends since as long as I can remember (16+ years… *insert shocked face here). Lizzie moved out into the countryside after we finished college and as it takes a little while to travel to her (and her to us) we’ve been slacking in our meet ups.

We recently decided that enough was enough, and to try and arrange a ‘play date’ once a month for us all to catch up and see Lizzie’s wonderful little adventure toddler Zephyr.

On this occasion we decided on a picnic date to a beautiful local village called Brampford Speke. I’ve been here before many a time with Dusty-dog and my family and decided it was the perfect place to share on a sunny day with the girls.

We found a wonderfully secluded little spot on the River Exe which had a lovely pebbled area to play and sit on. Zephyr seemed in his element playing with the stones and dropping them in the water.


It was so great to encourage some natural play time, Zephyr is very lucky that Lizzie is keen to introduce him to so many fun outdoor activities and it’s so evident in his outgoing, inquisitive and happy personality. It really is so special seeing him grow up in front of our eyes and see him becoming more and more like his lovely Mum (pictured below).



We had a wonderful day out and collected some special photographic memories too (which is always a bonus). I can’t wait to see what our next play date will be!

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