Spring has come and gone as quickly as it arrived. It’s wonderful watching the change in nature in real time; the leaves glowing with that stunning and luminous fresh new green, bold yellow hello’s from the roadside daffodils finding a home anywhere that they can 🌼 and of course… my favourite; the beautiful little seas of bluebells.

Tom, Dusty and I recently went to Fingle Bridge; a 17th century stone arch bridge which crosses over the River Teign near Drewsteignton, within Dartmoor National Park in Devon. We fancied a long walk and the river and woods seemed to be calling our names.

We were a little apprehensive when we arrived as the car park was absolutely heaving, we did a U turn and parked a bit further along away from the chaos and decided to walk back.

We headed away from the main trail and found a little footpath that led towards Castle Drogo following the river and that would hopefully bringing us back in a nice loop (approx 5 miles).

Weaving in and out of groups of people became the norm, a challenging moment was one very large group of ‘poodle walkers’ (maybe 30+ people with so many little poodles running around all looking the same). After a little while of fast marching and huffing and puffing at people getting in the way (we are a bit anti-social on walks and like the peace and quiet) we found ourselves in a nice peaceful place in the walkers queue.

A little trickle of bluebells started to appear by the rivers edge and we started to get excited, getting the cameras out ready to take a few snaps and pose with Dusty and enjoy our peace and quiet alone time in the forest.

I’ve attached a few photographs (taken on my Nikon F100, 28-100mm, Fujifilm Ultra 400). I hope you enjoy, and that you’re reminded of our beautiful spring weather 2017.


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