I count myself so lucky to live somewhere as beautiful as Devon. Dartmoor is on our doorstep, stunning coastline walks are not hard to find, our beaches put up a fight against those idyllic seas abroad with their white sand and excellent surf, and our forests and woodland could be mistaken for those found in British Columbia (through the right eyes!).

I love simplicity. I prefer to spend my free time filled with good conversation, man made entertainment, amongst the company of animals and surrounded by nature.

I work 9-5.30, 5 days a week. I have a great job, as an administrator for an architectural practice. However, I do find myself getting itchy feet most days, sitting down, inside in an office, does not agree with me.

Daydreaming is common, research on my breaks for new places to explore and arranging plans with friends to do those simple things which I crave.

Last week Jenni, Bella, Amy and I fancied such an evening. After work we ate a quick dinner in Jenn’s back garden (in glorious sunshine) had lovely catch ups and fancied a wander to the beautiful fields nearby in Ludwell Valley, Exeter.

We watched a beautiful sunset after scrambling up a very large hill. A time out was most definitely needed and that fresh air did us all wonders.

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