When you’re craving that peace and tranquility, don’t fancy the stress of camping and want to relax from the get-go, what do you get? Glamping.

North Devon was calling us. Jenn and I have birthday’s close together (gemini twins) and this year we fancied doing a joint something.

We both love the outdoors, getting back to nature and having basic, easy and stress free holidays away. Canopy & Stars have an excellent selection of unique and special accommodation all around the UK and branching out into the rest of the world. We didn’t want to go too far out of our way and found a beautiful hand made cabin for 8 in North Devon.

Candyland Studios had the most incredible feel about it. Situated in the middle of private land made up of forests, wildflower meadows and walking trails off the beaten path we had found the one. Colourful bunting hung from walls, twinkly fairy-lights and lanterns lit up the huge communal space, whilst bright colour choices in furniture and endless musical instruments (including a piano!) finished it off perfectly.


There were 4x sets of couples that we wanted to invite. Jenn & Edd, Myself & Tom, Sarah & Zeke and Nikita & Jon. We all got on so well as a group, we started out with our girly meet ups every now and again until we discovered our boyfriends all got on surprisingly well too! So now we have the best of both worlds. Our little gatherings are lovely and everyone is included. We really are lucky ♥

We arrived on the Friday evening, had a lovely explore of the property – played in the hammock, a few people surprised us with their amazing pianist skills and we lit the fire for some much needed ‘hygge‘ feelings to get settled into our relaxing new home for the weekend.


We had a chilled one on Saturday to make the most of our time in the cabin. Sarah started a doodle diary for everyone to contribute to, each of us having a blank new page every day. Nikita serenaded us beautifully on the piano, and picked up some impressive new tunes considering she hadn’t played for so long! Her voice really suited the piano and we found ourselves daydreaming and singing along as the perfect music echoed around the room. Another couple of surprise pianists appeared out of nowhere! Edd and Zeke could also pull off a tune or two! Who knew?! It was lovely to see everyone’s creative sides start to appear with the absence of TV and distractions.

We did a quick trip into Torrington to get some food supplies, had an amazing picnic style lunch and planned to make a group spaghetti bolognese for the evening.


It really was the perfect chilled day.

On the Sunday we fancied a little group trip out to the sea. Bude was the nearest beach (an hour’s drive) so we headed that way in a convoy of two.

Nikita and Jon had a couple of spare wetsuits for Sarah & Zeke and everyone had a nice time body-boarding in the sea (except for me – I’m not a water person) I was quite happy sitting in the sun and being left with the cheese, biscuits and picnic supplies!

After the guys had had enough of the sea they visited a sweet little sea pool for a bit of a swim. Everybody found it tricky to swim as it was so salty they floated to the top! Sarah’s beach towel kept me warm and I took photographs of the fun and games.


After getting salty, covered in sand and worn out from the swimming and taking off of wetsuits Nikita offered to kindly cook everybody a roast on the Sunday night. She is a regular roaster so we all couldn’t pass the offer down! Roast potatoes were calling out to us and we couldn’t wait for that perfect end to the day.

We all had a fantastic time away, had some much needed time together, nice chats and made some wonderful memories. One we’ll remember for years to come, we just know it.


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