The River Exe Cafe is Exmouth’s most unique dining experience, situated on a floating barge in the middle of the Exe Estuary. It has absolutely incredible river views and the sail boat traffic that glides past every now and again really adds to the magic.

To get to the cafe you have to travel by water taxi. We parked at Tom’s Dad’s house in Exmouth, walked to the marina and waited for the Puffin Water Taxi service to come and collect us. It was £5 each for a return journey to the cafe.

We were so excited to be sat on a boat! Even in the marina before we left ♥ it was so lovely that a simple lunch could become such a fun experience. We sat stationary for a few minutes, anticipation and eagerness filling our boots. Soon we were off into the heart of the river. Glorious sunshine was reflecting off the water, the noise of the boat engine was music to our ears and the gentle bobbing of the water was so relaxing.

We took in the beautiful coastal views, holiday makers and locals filling every free sandy spot on the beach getting smaller as we raced into the distance. Families were out on their yachts and people were experimenting with watersports.

The journey itself takes about 25 minutes. A nice amount of time to allow yourself to get hungry, look at a menu and set the scene.

As we neared the cafe the captain of the boat spotted one of his favourite river dwelling regulars. A very relaxed looking seal, having a sunbathe on a rubber floating tyre bobbing along with the current. He raised his sleepy head at us as we all gawped and aww’d at him as we passed. It was lovely to see him looking so very relaxed in his natural environment, even if we did wake him up – sorry Mr Seal!

We arrived at the cafe and were greeted by very friendly staff, as we’d let the other people off the boat before us (aren’t we kind) we were left with a shady table. We were actually quite pleased with this as the sunshine was so strong we were worried that we might suffer. So much so that we had packed sun-cream and donkey-straw hats just in case.

Before, when we’d studied the menu intensely, we decided that we would like to go all-out and order a platter to share for two. The fisherman’s platter caught our eye, with scallops, mussels, crab meat, hake, new potatoes and king prawns. Although, as we were on holiday (and this was a ‘birthday treat’) we decided to order a starter as well! ♥♥


The crispy calamari soon turned up with delicious oyster mayonnaise and sweet chilli dipping sauces. – as you can see Tom rather enjoyed these!

After the starter we took in the scenery and waited with anticipation for our main course. We were not disappointed…






Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

The food was absolutely delicious, and combined with the setting and cool breeze it was really quite amazing. We will definitely be back soon! Thanks River Exe Cafe! ♥


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