As photography enthusiasts Tom and I love a good sunrise. That morning light can make even the dullest of foregrounds the most beautiful of images. Mother nature sure does know how to start the day!

Let’s face it, early starts are not fun. But, with a sunrise in mind and an afternoon nap as your backup plan you run out of excuses not to just get up and go.

Salcombe is a popular destination in Devon, in the South Hams district. It is close to the mouth of the Kingsbridge Estuary and boasts two small sand beaches; North & South Sands.

Bright blue seas, local independent shops and private sailboats line your eyesight and make this a hugely desirable place to head to on a sunny day. Tom and I had tried to visit a few times and failed to find parking spaces, so this time we were determined not to miss out.

Leaving Exeter early in the morning with a Salcombe sunrise in mind we definitely missed the traffic and crowds this time! The drive was beautiful, the suns glow slowly getting brighter and creeping over those rolling hills as we wound our way through the country lanes. We headed straight to North Sands to watch the sun come up over the sea.

A group of locals appeared on the horizon in a rowboat, their silhouettes were so fun to watch against the breaking waves in the foreground.

I need to remember how much I love little trips like this, what a way to set up the day! A beach to yourself, the sound of silence, the pastel warm colours exploding in the sky and the hypnotic crashing waves lulling you into a state of calm.

Armed with my trusty Nikon F100, Fujifilm 400 and my iPhone these are the results of our early morning adventure.



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