Sunday’s are made for fresh air and stretching those legs aren’t they. You wake up with your last day of freedom before work and most days the first thing on your mind will be to have a little adventure and seize the day.

With Magic the trainee guide dog around we are reminded that a walk and a stretch of our legs is pretty important. You don’t realise how much this is necessary after a week of sitting in an office job. It a great excuse to explore nature close to home, fill out those lungs with some clean, crisp air and have a little time out.

It’s so nice to be able to have a doggy companion on these walks. It gives them more of a purpose and you’re definitely encouraged to walk further than you may choose to normally. Magic LOVES water, and mud. Lots and lots of mud. The more mud, the better the walk in his opinion.

This was a little tricky for me to manage to start with. The dreaded after walk clean up doesn’t sound too exciting does it… but with the help of a Groomers Aquasorb towel and Magic’s patience when being showered with the watering can (full of warm water), this experience actually isn’t all that bad. It’s really worth it to see him having a blast!


Tottiford Reservoir was on our agenda this last weekend. Tottiford is actually one of a trio of reservoirs that are linked. Tottiford, Trenchford and Kennick. It’s one of the few reservoir walks that has always had access the complete way around.

I know this sounds a bit silly, but when I choose to do a reservoir walk, my aim is to complete the circuit and walk the whole perimeter. When we have chosen to walk other reservoirs in Devon we have come across obstacles that force us to turn around and retrace those steps – a bit frustrating!

Tottiford has always been a winner.

On this particular Sunday it was an absolutely stunning morning. There was a chill in the air and a frost on the ground. The sun was rising and the most beautiful colours were appearing on the water and through the trees. We had managed to wake up quite early (success!) and were now reaping the rewards.


We had a few sketchy moments on the drive there. One being the car wheel-spinning on an icy slope! This has never happened to me before, I was driving on this particular trip and I do admit to having a little panic…

My little VW Polo did so well, we persisted and made it eventually… after much revving and trying different angles up the country lanes (one downside to being the first cars on the road!).

I’m glad I took photos on this walk, it’ll be nice to look back on and remind myself how much I love this place.


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